40 Level, COM3 - Mixed-use
 Waterfront Development, Karachi  

  9000 Acre DHA Multan  

  42 Level - High-end Residential, Ocean Heights, Karachi  

  324 Acre - Mangla Resort Community  

  320 Acre - Ashiana-e-Iqbal,
 Affordable Housing, Lahore  

  1.8 M sft., Omega Mall Airport, Karachi  

  5200 Acre DHA Bahawalpur  

  200 Acre Dream Gardens,
 Villa Community at Multan  

  Airmen Golf and Country Club, Karachi  

  320 Acre, 35 M sft., Abraj Al Jamia  
  Mixed-Use Development, Omdurman, Sudan  

  1.4 M sft., Mixed-Use Development, Sri Lanka  

  1400 Acre - Naval Anchorage Gwadar  

  1.6 M sft., Mixed-Use Project, Lahore  

  520,000 sft., Omega Mall, Karachi  

  27 Storey, Signature 27, Mixed-Use, Karachi  


PROMAG is a broad-based management consultancy which is providing specialized development advisory and project management services on a wide variety of local and international projects. The Company is a Corporate Member of the APM, UK. PROMAG is also the Lead Firm of the ARÊTE Group.

The Company specializes in services extending from development advice, pre-investment appraisals, feasibility studies, project planning, project management, programming, design management, contract packaging and leading upto construction management for project completion. The Company employs project managers, design managers, construction managers, contracts specialists, project planners, project analysts and cost consultants.

LOCii INC is a premier planning and design consultancy practice having international accreditations. The Company provides master planning, urban planning, urban design and architectural design services for a wide array of local and international projects, underpinned by a complement of related services including interior design, landscape architecture, design review, sustainability review, and construction phase design support. LOCii INC maintains highly qualified and experienced planners, architects, interior designers and design managers/coordinators in its design studios.

INFRAPLAN is a full service infrastructure and engineering consulting firm which is registered with Pakistan Engineering Council and provides comprehensive consulting engineering services for the development of large-scale infrastructure and building projects. The Company maintains a team of highly qualified and experienced engineers, managers and technicians with strong capabilities in civil, structural, mechanical, electrical engineering; infrastructure consulting; and management.







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